4 comments on “#TSW Kaidan: Atmosphere, Music, and Helpful Players

  1. TSW always has this sort of brilliant way of making “beautiful misery” with is setpieces. I’ve driven through towns like Kingsmouth. The sort of hell unleashed there is palpable. It’s darkly pretty in a way.

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    • I love the aesthetic of abandoned cities, but rarely consider them beautiful. Even though I usually prefer TSW stays out of cities, I’m still floored by what they did with this one. I remember some players being disgruntled that the playfield seemed “empty,” but to me that’s what makes it so striking. (Also, it’s not really THAT empty. :P)

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    • Same here for abandoned cities. Seeing a place that should be busy and full of people instead be dead quiet really gets your attention. I think to me cities also aren’t as friendly as other places? Like, I could see Shadowy Forest being an ok place if you avoid the enemies, there’s more of a dissonance with an empty city.


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