3 comments on “Pathfinder Fridays and RP Ramble

  1. I feel you on this. I RP like mad in Tabletops. But getting “in character” for a video game feels less like playing a role, and more like adopting the shell of another persona. Everything is scripted for you. There’s no invention. Maybe I’m projecting? Good topic, btw.

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    • It’s not just me then, yay! And thanks, it’s something that confuses some of my friends. I love pen and paper RP and I love gaming, so you’d think I’d RP in my games more often. I’ve seen RP communities do awesome storylines and backstory for their characters, so it’s not lack of interest in the idea as much as I never seem to get around to it myself. It could be that I lean towards games that I enjoy the world and the story as they stand enough that I’m more interested in exploring that than creating my own? Thanks for the comment!

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