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I started LFGryph because two of my passions are writing and video games. I’m currently in my 30’s, working on a fantasy novel, and enjoy gaming and livestreaming with my friends. I work in retail management which sometimes drives me nuts.

I own a goofy black lab mix named Loki, and post entirely too many pictures of him on Twitter. I moved from Minnesota to Charleston, SC in November of 2017, where I now also live with the floofiest and hardest working cat in show business, Grady.

I’m a panelist on Beyond the Veil – a weekly livestream/podcast about The Secret World. The livestream is Thursdays at 7pm EST here: twitch.tv/holosuitemedia and the remastered versions can be found on iTunes and also on our website: http://holosuitemedia.com/reviews/beyond/. I’m also a staff writer for Holosuite Media, our parent company.

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Certified Otter badge by @lilgreymouse

The first console my family owned was a Nintendo when I was just a little thing. I moved into PC gaming more than console right around the N64, though I do technically own a Wii, WiiU, Xbox One, and PS4. I just rarely actually play on them. >_> (Got them pre-owned on a bundle sale, don’t judge me.)

As for my more current gaming, it’s been a mix of MMO’s and single player games (mostly through Steam) for the last chunk of years. The Secret World/Secret World Legends is a great favorite of mine and my primary game, though I used to play DC Universe Online regularly and keep meaning to spend more time in Final Fantasy XIV. I was heavily into Minecraft on the Video Games Awesome server a few years ago. More recently, I’ve spent some time in Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Trek Online.

Types of games I enjoy include anything from story-based adventure and rpg’s to survival horror and roguelikes.  I tend to go for story over other things, but that’s not a hard and fast rule if the mechanics are awesome.

I’ll read just about anything, but I lean towards fantasy, sci fi, and horror. Do not ask me my favorite book, I’m incapable of choosing one. 😉

I once blogged about Five Things You Might Not Know About Gryph.

I can be contacted through the social media buttons on my sidebar (I’m on Twitter the most often), or through the Contact form on this site.

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