4 comments on “Childhood, Gaming, Imagination, and Long Walks

  1. Nice story. I regret that my brother and I were never close enough to do something like this. It sounds like you really appreciate those memories. I hope you always cherish them because they are so important.

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    • Thank you very much! And yes, I do appreciate the memories. My brother and I didn’t always get along, but we were definitely close growing up. I hope you get a chance to get closer to your brother if that’s something you’d like to do.


      • We’ve been growing closer, despite the distance. It feel good that we can connect through our passion for gaming. I’m looking forward to the day he can move closer! Unfortunately, those younger years are lost. I did learn from it, though! I try to provide opportunities for my two little ones to grow up close. They are very close in age so I think they have a batter chance than I did. 🙂

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