4 comments on “Counter Monkey, Mobile Gaming, and Eldritch Zoidberg (#Blaugust 17)

  1. Aside from Fallout on my tablet, my mobile I’m playing 1010!, Alphabear and TripleTown, most are quick games that I don’t need a massive amount of free time to get enjoyment from them.

    I loved how TSW just took the ARG thing further than I would have thought.
    I took part in a number of the Secret World Args in the build up to launch and wear my Black Watchmen hoody when possible.

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    • I might have to look into those! I used to read on my lunchbreaks at work, but I don’t really like that when I can be interrupted at any moment. It’s easier for me to pause a game than pause my brain. ^^

      I wish I’d been around for TSW’s early days! I kick myself to this day that I bought it near launch, but didn’t play it for at least a year. At least I finally got to it!


  2. The hardcore and casual “real gamer” chest-thumping idiocy is…well, it’s just that. Chest-thumping idiocy. I find fun wherever it lurks, be it by poking at a screen or steering stuff with WASD.

    If we wanted to start pissing all over everything we own in an attempt to mark territory, then things would never work. Because there’s pee all over them.


    • I couldn’t agree more, and I don’t feel like being the gatekeeper of anyone else’s fun. I always find it extra bizarre when someone considers really simple classic games “real” but comparable mobile ones not.

      That is also my new favorite comparison! 🙂

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