3 comments on “Story and Text Based Games – People Make No Sense To Me

  1. Never…….>ever<…….set a zombie on fire. Because there is nothing worse, than a burning zombie. Maybe I'm just an old codger finally (YES!!), but are text based games a thing now? I know my old MUD is still around. I met my wife of 16 years playing over at ShadowDale MUD.

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    • I know…flaming zombies just set everything else on fire. >_> But it’s so satisfying to light them up!

      I don’t know that I’d call it a “thing,” but there’s been chatter about programs like Twine, which are geared towards creating games that are more story and text based. Obviously not every game created there (or with any other tool) is going to be awesome, but I see a fair number of “that doesn’t even count as a game” as a flat response to anything made on that or similar platforms. And I’m sitting there thinking, “really?” I need more than “it’s only text” to agree that something doesn’t count as a game.


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