5 comments on “Obsidian: 1996 PC game (#Blaugust 4)

    • It’s worth it, I think so anyway. I just tried Googling it and found copies on Amazon, so must not be as hard to find as it used to be. 🙂


    • For me the appeal was partly that I’ve also always been a huge reader, so a world where you can teleport to new worlds with books? Sign me up!!!

      I also loved that you’re completely alone in the world, that was a new experience in gaming for me and I liked what it added to the atmosphere. Later on, I liked the story and lore; but starting out I think I just was super intrigued by the lonely-mysterious thing. Before I joined a massive server, that was one of the things that attracted me about Minecraft too, exploring alone.

      I completely get why it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, though!

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