3 comments on “Gryph is Playing Salt (#Blaugust 19)

  1. I also found a moonrock, but I haven’t run across the spiders yet. I’ve heard they’re nasty, though!

    Did you ever upgrade to the first sailboat? I enjoy cruising around the ocean on that compared to the raft – sometimes the raft’s steering was frustrating for me. But the sailboat has a nice wheel and I really feel like I’m sailing in it. Feels faster and more responsive, too.

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    • I run into spiders anytime I try to explore islands at night! Then again, I’m trying to explore islands at night. 😛

      I did upgrade, yes, and much prefer that steering. Though the raft got better when I read that you can stand “in” the rudder to steer while looking ahead. >_> On the plus side, that does feel like steering a raft, which should probably be less convenient than a sail boat.


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