6 comments on “Puppy, Manufactory Romp, and GW2 Rant (not what you think) (#Blaugust 29)


    I’ve written about this “lulz gaem ded” attitude on more than a couple of times with regards to WildStar, so I appreciate the frustration. It’s anti-hobbyist to ostracize other’s idea of fun, but then there’s always going to be some stupid tribalism mentality that people build to create a community for all the wrong reasons.

    But then, as I posited later, it’s best to just sever ties with those channels and bask in the sunshine of your game’s enjoyment. Let the worms below churn the soil–it will only make your roots easier to grow deep. 😀

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      I’ve been finding time to sit with him every day I work, and he is getting a little better every day. So, fingers crossed. He melts my heart into a little puddle.

      Complete agree with you on the rest; including the part about enjoying your own sunshine. 🙂 I also noticed it with Wildstar, and as much as it bugs me from players, it’s starting to bother me even more when it’s from non-players. The “Haha, your game sucks now” with an implication it proves the speaker is smarter. Maybe because from players, I can sometimes try really hard to remember they may be upset and expressing themselves poorly, but when someone unaffected is just laughing…there’s no point other than trashing on something.

      I figure I don’t have to make fun of other games to have fun with my own, so while I don’t have to like every game, I also don’t need to mock others.

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  2. Ever try a thunder shirt for that adorable puppy? My roommate uses one on her puppy when she gets all scared and shaky from storms. It really does calm her down. Just a thought! 🙂


    • I’ve thought about it – we sell them at the pet supply store I used to work at. The issues I see are that we work with a limited budget, and we can’t really watch him long enough to make sure he’s ok with it. It’s unlikely, but possible that a super scared dog can hurt himself if he isn’t supervised.

      Good thought, though!


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