4 comments on “Listening to New Players

  1. TSW took me a while to get used to as you say, it’s “a difficult game”. There are a lot of good sources online that help you out along the way. I got confused running into these so-called “nightmare zones”. It’s difficult to know where you’re at in the game too with so many sidequests and it just gets a little confusing. So, I definitely understand that frustration some new users have as I haven’t been able to get that far in the game, myself. I do enjoy it though when I play and it seems to make an awesome story when it all comes together. I feel like there’s so much of the game I’m missing out on but I do need to learn more of the game to play through. Perhaps, I’ll look through the forums for some strategy guides before I continue with my own strategies that don’t seem to be working.


    • Yeah, one thing that folks usually spend some time getting used to is that they don’t set solid “quest hubs” in game. It’s great because you’re not constantly running back and forth to turn in quests, but it means you need to get used to a different way of going about things. I use the map a lot if I see a sidequest I can’t pick up right then, set a waypoint to remind me to go back to it. Also makes my maps fun with “dead body” “mangled corpse” notes all over them. 😛

      The forums are fabulous, especially the “Newcomers” section. There’s a sticky there, too, that tells you how to join the ingame help chat (Sanctuary). Those two combined made all the difference for me in areas where I felt stuck. My cabal isn’t super active so it’s always nice knowing where you can go with questions.


    • I’d say that depends on the situation. Some players aren’t very good at teaching, no matter how good they are at the game. And someone with a new perspective isn’t always wrong just because they don’t have the experience. Just like anything else in life, there’s a lot of gray area in there.


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