3 comments on “Mistaken Assumptions: Five Nights at Freddy’s (#Blaugust 11)

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  2. Five Nights at Freddy’s is more intriguing than I previously thought. I watched a Twitch stream of the first one around the time of its release, but it didn’t grab my attention. I just read a post by Tyrannodorkus earlier where he was describing some of his theories about the games. Before today, I really had no interest in the game, but now I am genuinely interested.

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    • I’d never really paid attention to it at all, if anyone I knew mentioned the lore or anything I must have just not registered it. That’s one of the reasons I posted about it, I was surprised I’d gone as far as to not even look at the Steam page because of what I’d heard from others.

      Anyway, I wound up interested once I started digging, definitely!

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