8 comments on “Dailies Done Right (#Blaugust 22)

  1. I am continually amazed at how much personal oversight is applied by the TSW players to no spoil things about the Investigations and main story even after as long as the game has been released.

    As someone who is terminally stuck in Blue Mountain/Kingsmouth, I salute you. ❤

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    • You’re very welcome, and thanks for the appreciation! I like to think our community is mostly aware of how much more fun the story is without spoilers, and tries to act accordingly. Maybe it’s partly that so many of us fell in love with the story, and want others to have the same experience. That’s my thinking, anyway. 🙂

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      • Does make me want to re-visit the series of vids I had was going to cut together of a blind flight through the Investigation missions and my reactions. XD

        Guh, I’m starting to miss this game. Fff….

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      • That sounds like a fun idea for a vid series, and I’m sure me saying that isn’t helping! xD

        If you do poke you head in again, I can’t remember if I told you about the New Player update they did a while back? They improved the tutorials and adjusted the difficulty to be more of a curve instead of a series of brick walls. Blue Mountain was well known for being one of those walls, so it might be easier to get unstuck now. 🙂

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