6 comments on “New Single Player Horror Game From Funcom (#Blaugust 25.5)

  1. Kewl. I have kind of a hard time logging in to TSW anymore, but still have a soft spot in my heart for it and love to read about others’ experiences with it. I might have to pick up The Park when it releases.

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      • Well I finished out the wheel and all my gear’s 10.1 to 10.2 and it’s “good enough” for me. Don’t much like scenarios, so not terribly interested in running them for augments. Got my aegis controllers up “high enough” that the Tokyo content through issue 10 wasn’t a big deal. I’ve bought issue 11, but never bothered to log in and actually. . you know. . . do it. Still haven’t bought Issue 12, though I plan to in another couple of week just to support TSW.

        I love the story, the feel of the world, etc. I just felt the scenarios were to “game-ified” and that the Aegis system was an annoyance at best, so while after filling the wheel I logged in less due to less need for progression it was still a joy when I did. Now…. not so much, and that’s why I really just don’t do it anymore. I want to still love the game, I just… don’t want to play it anymore, if that makes any kind of sense.


      • That makes perfect sense to me. I got lucky, as far as AEGIS never really bothered me. That’s not saying you or anyone else is “wrong,” just I got lucky and didn’t have an issue with it. If it bugged me, I’d probably feel the same. I know some folks ended up downloading one of the auto-AEGIS mods, so you’re not alone there.

        That’s really hard when you still like a game, but don’t much want to play it. 😦


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