4 comments on “The Game That Changed My Life: Myst (#Blaugust 24)

  1. The best part of the Myst games for me was when you “beat” it, your reward was simply being able to walk through each Age unhindered and unimpeded by any puzzles. Just…walk around and drink in the ambience.

    Myst was always a portal to an alien yet comforting world for me. I’m glad it came through my sphere, and I’m even more glad to hear that a similar type of game is coming back again. Lots of games sort of miss the immersion factor.


    • Yes, so much that, too! I remember not wanting the game to end, and then in a way it didn’t have to. 🙂

      I think I also developed a crush on Atrus at some point, so there’s that. ^^

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    • I think first rpgs tend to really stick with people, assuming they end up liking the genre.Going from “kill the thing” to an epic story arc is pretty mind-blowing. 🙂

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